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We offer you customized tours according to your requirements. The tours will be adjusted to the skill and fitness level of the group. Just get on your bike and enjoy the day biking with us.




up to 8 persons

Half day tour:

Duration: ca. 3,5 hours

Pricing: CHF 270.- for one person

+ CHF 10.- for any additional person

Full day tour:

Duration:ca. 7 hours

Pricing: CHF 480.- for one person

+ CHF 10.- for any additional person

Two day tours:

Duration: 2 x ca. 7 Stunden

Pricing: CHF 900.- for one person

+ CHF 15.- for any additional person

Multiple day tours:

Pricing depends on the duration, can be given on request.

Additional costs:

To shorten the ascent we use public transport on our tours. On day and multiple day tours catering is provided in restaurants and alpine huts. We use the accommodation of alpine huts and hotels for overnight stays on multiple day tours. These services are not included in the offers from Trail Goat tours and have to be added separately. Please contact us directly for a detailed all-inclusive offer.

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